The Voice: Coldplay + BTS "My Universe"

Had the great opportunity over the holidays to be the Senior UE4 Technical Artist for The Voice's first-ever broadcast AR experience. For this production, we took full 3D volumetric captures of BTS's performance used in the music video for "My Universe", and repurposed them for real-time AR holograms.

Optimizing for real-time playback with Unreal Engine meant that a full pre-visualization process was possible without any performer digital or otherwise setting foot onstage. Additionally, near-instant adjustments to AR performers’ positions and timing could be made on-site, as well as in post-production.

As part of my role, I worked on material lookdev, performance profiling, programming the show sequence, and post-process effects, as well as helping to add additional C++ functionality to the SVF volcap plugin to add virtual production features such as timecode playback.

July 1, 2022